Profile -"Where we came from ..."

Established in 1993 as a warehouse and custom brokerage, PJN broadened its business portfolio in 1994 by entering into the container depot business servicing some of the world's leading shipping companies and container leasing.

Today, PJN has expanded beyond container depot operation, warehousing, container survey and other related container services to establish itself as a renowned, fully-integrated container service center.

Operating close to a total area of 22.000 sq m and over 45 staff strenght, the Group has the following key business:

-Storage and handling
-Repairs and maintenance
-Warehousing and container freight station
-Sales and agencies
-Transportation and related services
-Container survey

Pancaran Jatinusa modern container depot

PJN Container Depot main activities are operating container depot, warehousing and container freight station(CFS) as well as container sales, agencies and survey. Container depot operation provdes storage and handling, repair and transportation services for empty containers. Warehousing and CFS activities involves stuffing and unstuffing of outbond and inbound general cargo, warehousing of cargo which require long term storage. Container sales, agencies and survey are involved in trading of used containers, acting as container leasing agents and inspectin of new containers. Others include rental income from properties and treasury activities.

ConditionFull paving block
Infrastucture Depot Management System (USA) - fuly integrated EDI, CEDEX, CODECO, 322 EDI, 204 EDI and Maintenance & Repair for real-time update and on-line reporting.
Our DMS is ready for direct reporting to any principal office in USA, Hongkong, Geneva, Europe, etc.
Poll to outbound ratio Peak at 50cm/hour (maximum waiting time 5-8 minutes/move)
Storage3250 - 5000 teus (6-8 high stack)
Reefer plug 5 plugs
Genset 60 KVA (60.000 watts) - 3 phase

2 x units SMV Reach Stacker 45 tonnes 6 high New October 2005
1 x unit SMV Reach Stacker 45 tonnes 5 high New September 2002
1 x unit Kalmar 8 high empty container handler New August 1996

Haulage 2 x units truck head + chasis


Ability to maintain huge storage database, provide up-to-date container statistical reports and industry standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) CODECO and CEDEX functionality - all these features are performed in the shortest amount of time and this has greatly enhances our customers decision making process and increase productivity.

Quality repair and maintenance services

Another vital component of PJN proud services is our provision of quality maintenance and repair service, done by our IICL certified, well trained & experienced welders, metal fitters and repair staffs. During such repair, PJN is well equipped with the necessary equipments, spare parts and accessories.

Using state-of-the-art equipments, such as the reefer stagging stack, we are committed to perform inspection checks at the shortest amount of time.


Warehousing and Container Freight Station

 We operate first class Warehousing/CFS within container terminal in BELAWAN port with a covered storage area of 4500m2 which is supported by driveways, container loading/unloading bay, ramps and 24 hour security measures to facilitate and enable efficient and effective movement/control of the cargo handling.

Our CFS/Warehouse located within the port has convenient access to major express roads. To support activities in CFS, PJN owns 11 forklifts with specification as follow:

Toyota Auto # Ton SAS - New October 2005 (4 units)
*self auto leveling at maximum height stacking

- Toyota Auto 2.5 Ton - New 1997 (1 unit)
- Toyota 2.5 Ton - New 1997 (1 unit)
- Toyota 5 Ton - New 1996 (1 unit)
- Komatsu 2.5 Ton - New 1995 (1 unit)
- Clark 5 Ton - New 1995 (1 unit)
- Clark 2.5 Ton - New 1993 (2 units)